Who We Are

BridgeCorp International Pty Lty

Our management team has over 16 solid years of international business experience. Our offices are located in China, Sydney and Hong Kong, where we're supported by the best banking and logistic facilities in the world. Hence, our international customers find it very convenient to handle any business transactions with us.

What We Do

Our experience in manufacturing paper packaging products

has earned us high recognition within the industry. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control methods. We have a streamline process, which is safe, efficient and fast. High-quality is the core of our production line whilst very economic and environmentally friendly.

Our Advantage


As a manufacturer with rich experience, we can keep our cost in a lower level than most of the trading companies. This is because we have good sources for the paper material, print job and labor force, etc


We are a professional manufacturer! We keep in close contact with our factory since our office is located nearby. so customer's feedback reaches the producing line immediately. Also, we have obtained certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001 food safety management system, QS(Quality Safety), and are able to meet any kind of strict quality control standard.







We have been in the packaging business for more than 16 years, since 2004. We have first-class research and development (R&D) technological capacity, are equipped with first-class equipment, and have built a perfect production and management system. Our layouts and designs are highly appreciated by our customers.